Rectangular TBM

APORO(All Potential Rotary) Cutter TBM

Rectangular TBM photo

The TBM can excavate not only circular shaped sections, but rectangular shaped, horse-shoe shaped, and another non-circular shaped sections. Cutter device has high-precision control system ,which can keep planned excavated section.
It can also cut hard ground and obstacles.

Year of delivery / Place of delivery2008 / Tokyo
Construction nameShibuya-Daikanyama Underground Construction (No. 1)
Owner nameTokyu Corporation
Contractor nameKajima / Nishimatsu / Tekken JV
TBM outer diameter7.44m x 10.64m
Excavation distance577m

OHM type TBM

OHM type TBM

Three-arm cutter is located eccentrically to the TBM center. The cutter rotates on the axis revolving round the TBM center. The top of the cutter arm tracks around the rectangle. The OHM type rectangular TBM can make each cross section of tunnel, such as an inward bowing shape, rectangular or any roundish shape rectangular.

Year of delivery / Place of delivery2002 / Kyoto
Construction nameRapid Railway Tozai Line Ishida Station Connecting Passage Construction No.2
Owner nameKyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau
Contractor nameTobishima / Nishimatsu / Morimoto / Kosei / Kcon JV
TBM outer diameter4.28m×3.83m
Excavation distance142m

Introduction of the OHM type TBM

MMST TBM (Multi-Micro Shield Tunneling TBM)

Multi-Micro Shield Tunneling TBM

The TBM excavates the outer shell of a large tunnel with multiple small TBMs and then excavates the internal soil after the outer shell is formed. 
We have a delivery record of manufacturing slurry type (vertical type) and earth pressure balanced (vertical type) rectangular TBMs.

Year of delivery / Place of delivery2002 / Kanagawa Prefecture
Construction nameKJ124 (4) -KJ132 (1) Tunnel Construction
Owner nameMetropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd
Contractor nameTaisei / Kajima / Toda JV
TBM outer diameter3.19m x 7.85m
Excavation distance1,080m


7.29m × 4.69m Ginza 6-chome 10 district Urban Redevelopment Project

⌀7.29m × 4.69m Rectangular TBM

The TBM is equipped with double cutter heads for excavating a horizontally long rectangular cross section and double telescopic cutters for cutting rectangular corners. Since the hood is attached, the interference with the telescopic cutter is electrically controlled. Minimum overburden 2.6m, maximum overburden 4.76m.

Year of delivery / Place of delivery2016 / Tokyo
Construction nameUnderground Connection Passage Maintenance Work and TEPCO Pipeline Relocation Work of Ginza 6-chome District Urban Redevelopment Project
Owner nameGinza 6-10 District Urban Redevelopment Association
Contractor nameKajima Construction Co., Ltd.
Excavation distance103m

5.7m × 6.8m Kotake Mukaihara~Senkawa on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line

⌀5.7m × 6.8m Rectangular TBM
Year of delivery / Place of delivery2014 / Tokyo
Construction nameKotake Mukaihara~Senkawa on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line
Owner nameTokyo Metro Co., Ltd.
Contractor nameKumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.
Excavation distance175m / 145m
FeaturesMixed circular type TBM (circular cutter + telescopic spokes)

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